A must needed ride towards the dawn

Sometimes you feel like there is a lot happening around you… but let me tell you something.. there is always a hell lot of activities taking place aroung you but you just started noticing now.. because you were all covered by your own problems.. your failures.. your pain.. and your sadness.. Its a universal truth that the more you’ll get involved with your problems the more they’ll conquer your sole.. your dignity.. they will break you from everywhere and you’ll always find your self a looser.. But hell no.. you ain’t a looser .. you just have to stand again.. fight back and rise.. Rise above all bloody worries and fucking problems.. then you’ll realize what you were missing all these years.. around you is a beautiful world. For all these years I was working in a shift that gets over at 4 AM morning.. and now i wonder how I was missed to see the sun rising from the dawn.. but its never too late you know. Just pick your rigg.. ignite the throttle and let your inner sole Roarr… and you’ll feel the beauty with a smile.. ride as far as you can go from mankind and near to the mother nature.. then you’ll realise that no matter how fucked up your life is.. there is always a place in this earth.. in the lap of mother nature.. where you’ll find the peace.. away from every bitchy tensions.. away from all pitty tensions


About BlueHarry

going through the hardest part of life. lost in time.
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