kashmakash ( dileamma)

From last few months I am in a annoying dilemma. Not able to understand what life actually is and what exactly a human is supposed to do with his life. Why can’t we live a very simple life without thinking about whatever we missed in past and what we gonna get in future? Why can’t we just enjoy our present with love and peace? In my life I have made many mistakes, many of them were unforgettable & unforgiving. I can’t go back and change them then what am I supposed to do? Every day I am dying and trying to live. Am I doing something wrong trying to live with all those mistakes? Am I supposed to die for my mistakes? Is what I deserve? Or is living the actual punishment for my mistakes? Is death the end of this suffering? Or i’ll have to live and search for peace? I have heard people saying I am a human and human can make mistakes.. i am not a god who never makes mistakes. I too made many mistakes…. but why i don’t deserve forgiveness ? am i not a human? what the hell i am then? lost in all these questions. i have no idea what i am fighiting for and with whome i actually am fighting with. is it me i am fighting with ? or god? or my destiny.. all these questions are killing me and making my life a living hell.


About BlueHarry

going through the hardest part of life. lost in time.
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