oo bawreee

this part.. This small part of my life is called being running away. Yeah I have tried many times before.. To stand up and face this life.. I have failed everytime.. But it doesn’t means that I quit!!.. I’ll never quit like this.. Never. I just want some time of my own life just for me. Not for anyone else but for me only. I guess I have this much of rights. I guess I can choose how to spend my time.. I am not a servant and am fed up of being someone else. I just want to be me now.. Even if people don’t like me I don’t care. I am me and will be living like this from now. I don’t wanna care about what people think about me. This is my life and no one can rule it. I don’t want to care about people who judge me from there own point of views.


About BlueHarry

going through the hardest part of life. lost in time.
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