Life Vs Death Vs Human Vs Humanity ( Insaan or Insaaniyat)

A young boy Named Mutum Bony Jajo from north east (Manipur) Died because of the negligence of Doctors and staff of Safdarjang hospital. He struggled a lot for his survival. But died…..
His mistake was nothing. Nothing he did wrong but trusted the other human that they’ll help him. But he forgot that he seeking help from a INDIAN GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE. He got 7 heart attacks in one day… but still struggled to get a BED in general ward (forget about ICU) . struggled for days before he died.
Some people say that they are proud to be an Indian. Proud!!!! Proud of what?
I would like to tell those peoples to go and read news paper and than come to me with this proud.
Go read the news about how a father raped his daughter.. how a brother killed his brother just for Money.. for property.. for any f**king reason.. go read about the latest “Ghotala”.. go read about how people kill there wife for Dowry.. how a son or daughter killed there parents for there property or for Few years of blind love..
Go for a walk outside and look around.. look at the India you are proud of.
I don’t know why people do this? Why they just cannot live with love and peace? Is it that difficult?
I guess this world is not that big enough to be divided into pieces. Even all directions meet at the same point. People say that I am north Indian.. I am south Indian.. I am from north east.. I am from West… if all are divided than where the hell is the Only INDIA? Why are directions converted into walls?
Is it that difficult to love and care people around u? why people in this world are divided?
Divided by countries.. divided by reign.. divided by states.. cities.. towns.. mohallas .. divided by color!!.. divided by tongue.. divided by religion .. divided by cast.. status.. income.. bank balance.. hah..
Feel the proud to be human.. the most intelligent, smart, Civilized, Socialized creation of mighty GOD.

Hospital blamed for 21-year-old’s death – Hindustan Times
Family members of a 21-year-old student who died of severe lung infection that resulted in multiple organ failure have blamed doctors of Safdarjung Hospital for his death, HT reports.

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going through the hardest part of life. lost in time.
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